How to file GSTR-1 using GSTeFile

Step 1: Sign in as a business user. ( Sign in from )

                                              Screen 1: Business User Login

Step 2: Click on GSTR-1 under Returns section in the left menu bar. You will see three sections in GSTR-1.

  1. View my Invoices
  2. Upload GSTR-1
  3. Status check

Screen 2: GSTR-1

Step 3: Click on View my Invoices to see all your sales invoices you created or imported for that month/quarter as per different transaction types.

Screen 3: GSTR-1 Buckets

Step 4:  Now, click on Upload GSTR-1. You will see the GSTR-1 form. The form will be pre-filled as per the invoice information.  The user just needs to click on send GSTR-1 for approval.

Step 5: The form will be sent to connect Practitioner.

Screen 4: Upload GSTR-1

Step 6: Sign in as a practitioner user.

Screen 5: Practitioner User Login

Step 7: Click on the client list section on left menu bar. Now click on the respective client business name for proceeding with GSTR-1 form filing process.

Screen 6: Client List

Step 8:  You will see three sections GSTR-1, GSTR-2 and GSTR-3B and Click on View Detail GSTR-1.

Screen 7: View Details

Step 9: You can view the GSTR-1 form in Upload GSTR-1 section.

Screen 8: Fill GSTR-1 Returns

Step 10: You can approve it after verifying all the details

Step 11: After approving, the form can saved by clicking on Save GSTR-1

Step 12: When you click on Submit GSTR-1, the form will be submitted on the Government common portal

Step 13: Then finally, after the form has been submitted, it needs to file by clicking on file GSTR-1. The form will be filed on the government portal. Refer screen 8.