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GSTeFile is a venture by ESDS software solutions Pvt Ltd. GST is the major tax reform since Independence impacting the way industry strategies are outlined.

Goods & Services Tax will effect accounting and invoicing practices across businesses for both Tax Practitioners and Businesses. After July 1, 2017 businesses and accountants will have to adopt software and ERPs which are capable of organizing taxation, invoicing & accounting as per the fresh tax regime. GSTeFile being a pioneer in the industry will help you understand the technical aspects of the execution of Goods and Services Tax, the influence on ERP systems, and what you need to do to be tax compliant.

Our team consist of GST experts, Chartered Accountants & Software experts who will provide you the best service in the industry.

GSTeFile has its powerful billing, vendor data mismatch reconciliation mechanism, validation engines and return filing manner assists as a single platform for all GST compliance.

GST was introduced due to the diversity of taxes at the State and Central stages has caused in a complex indirect tax erection in the nation that is provoked with hidden outlays for the trade and industry due to No uniform tax rates and structure across States. Also the Cascading effect resulted in false inflation.

Expending GST will streamline and complement the indirect tax regime in the nation. It is expected to reduce cost of production and inflation in the economy, thereby making the Indian trade and industry more competitive, domestically as well as internationally.

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ESDS has expertise in Managed Data Center Services, Managed Cloud Solutions, Virtualization and Disaster Recovery Hosting, which is backed with exuberant Technical Support that has helped ESDS build lifetime relationships with customers. All these services will eventually benefits the customers to file their GST securely with proficiency assistance.

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